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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 50 percent of nursing home residents have no close relatives, and 46 percent have no living children. These two facts are a major reason why an estimated 60 percent of nursing home residents never have visitors.
Human contact is critical for health. Yet, a University of Maryland study of more than 1,400 "significant others" of nursing home residents found that the number of visits and calls by family and friends declined by half after an individual entered a nursing home. Try to imagine how you would feel if you had to leave your home to live in a new environment where you had limited or no access to your family and friends.
Nursing home volunteer opportunities can include spending time with a resident, playing cards, talking, taking a walk, helping with daily or holiday activities, giving workshops, or sharing a meal. But you can also make visits during which you and the nursing home resident create and preserve memories that will provide comfort for the resident when friends and family are absent.

Friendly Visitor - Volunteer becomes a friend to an elderly resident visiting, chatting, playing cards and other games, reading, writing letters, taking strolls together in our garden or sharing a meal. Make a real difference in the life of a resident!
Recreational Activities - Volunteers assist with or run recreational activities for our residents including programs in music, dance, exercise, sports, games, entertainment, discussion groups, or crafts. Just name it, they'd enjoy it.
Day Center Assistants - Volunteers assist our staff with running activities, socializing, helping serve lunch etc.
Special Events - Come celebrate the holidays at our homes. We have programs and parties here for every major holiday and always appreciate the help of volunteers. Just give us a call!
Nursing Assistants - Assist our nurses with patient care by feeding residents, taking them to and from appointments, reading them their mail or doing special projects, making beds and giving that extra special TLC!
Manicurists / Pedicurists - Volunteers give manicures and pedicures to our seniors while making friendly conversation.

For more information on volunteering or to volunteer at our homes please contact our volunteer coordinator or contact one of our homes directly here! Some volunteer positions will require specific qualifications or background checks. Our representatives can provide you with more information on your particular area of interest. Our volunteers are always greatly appreciated and make a real impact in our residents lives.

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