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Job ID CNA-01
Title Certified Nursing Assistant
Department Nursing
Job Description:

To provide direct care to residents, under the supervision of a licensed nurse, in accordance with facility policies and procedures and report resident needs and concerns to a licensed nurse.

  • Follow written and oral directions.
  • Follow established performance standards and perform duties according to nursing service policies and procedures.
  • Assist new employees in following established facility policies and procedures.
  • Identify resident problems and concerns and report them immediately to a charge nurse or a licensed nurse.
  • Complete assignments timely, completely and accurately.
  • Conduct resident rounds as assigned.
  • Initiate corrective action as necessary and/or seek assistance of a licensed nurse.
  • Identify safety hazards and emergency situations, and initiate corrective action.
  • Attend all in-service classes as assigned and complete assignments.
  • Assume personal responsibility for following facility procedures related to control of equipment and supplies within the unit.
  • Report incidents and/or unusual problems according to established facility procedures.
  • Review care plans and perform nursing care as outlined.
  • Document on the ADL flow sheets and other required forms the care and treatment provided to the resident and the resident's response or lack of response to care provided.
  • Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility information.
  • Report changes in residents conditions to Charge Nurse.
  • Follow facility procedures for admission, discharge and transfer of residents.
  • Follow facility procedures for admission, discharge and transfer of residents.
  • Listen to resident and family complaints and report problems to Charge Nurse or if appropriate direct them to the Charge Nurse.
  • Assure residents have call lights at hand and answer call lights promptly.
  • Assure residents are given adequate assistance with personal and oral hygiene needs following facility's policies and procedures.
  • Assist residents with activities of daily living as documented in the residents' care plans.
  • Come to work as scheduled in a clean, neat uniform and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.
  • Assure residents are given adequate assistance with meals, nourishment and transportation to meal service area.
  • Assume accountability for data contained in the employees' handbook and observe all facility safety policies and procedures.
  • Must have completed a State approved nurse aide course and have current license in the State of Oklahoma without restrictions
  • Must be able to pass OSBI check
  • Must be able to be on feet for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to squat, bend, stoop, etc without restrictions
  • Must be able to lift without restrictions
  • High school diploma (desired)
  • Issued by the State
    Continuing Education:
  • As required by state and facility, including seminars.
  • Varies by shift
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