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Job ID CMA-01
Title C.M.A. (Certified Medication Aide)
Department Nursing
Job Description:

Follow facility policies and procedures to implement medication order. Administer medications in an accurate and timely manner and to assist the Charge Nurse.

  • Follow established standards of nursing practices to implement facility policies and procedures related to medication administration.
  • Interpret existing policies and procedures related to medication administration to nursing assistants, restorative nursing assistants, residents, families and physicians.
  • Obtain report from CMA/Charge Nurse being relieved and record sufficient information related to medication administration to implement accurate changes to medication orders.
  • Administer medications to residents in an accurate, timely manner.
  • Monitor residents for effectiveness of drug therapy and occurrence of adverse effects.
  • Document resident care related to medication administration, related monitoring, and effectiveness of drug therapy and occurrence of adverse effects.
  • Document effectiveness of drug therapy and occurrence of adverse effects.
  • Notify Charge Nurse, when necessary, of changes in residents' conditions, weight, medication errors, medication not available, and any other unusual observations.
  • Obtain and chart monthly vital signs.
  • Complete all documentation related to the resident's medication administration.
  • Complete and document comprehensive assessments of residents needs related to medication administration as assigned.
  • Follow comprehensive care plans related to medication administration based on each resident's needs and his/her comprehensive assessment as assigned.
  • Identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action immediately.
  • Obtain continuing education required to maintain licensure.
  • Follow facility Residents' Rights policies and procedures.
  • Participate in facility education programs.
  • Attend staff meetings, interdisciplinary team meetings, rehabilitation meetings, in-service classes and committee meetings as assigned.
  • Assume responsibility for compliance with federal, State and local regulations within the assigned unit.
  • Obtain and chart weekly and monthly weights if assigned.
  • Promptly report changes in residents' conditions to the charge nurse.
  • Competently perform basic medication aide skills.
  • Follow facility discharge/transfer procedures related to medication transfer providers.
  • Respond to residents' call for assistance promptly.
  • Verify accuracy of narcotic count, check emergency kit and exchange keys.
  • Order, receive and store medications accurately and appropriately.
  • Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility information.
  • Consistently work cooperatively with residents, nursing staff, physicians, families, consultant personnel, community agencies and ancillary service providers.
  • Perform all duties assigned in an effective, cooperative, timely and professional manner.
  • Be responsible for the safety of the resident.
  • Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.
  • Come to work in a clean, neat uniform and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.
  • Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.
  • Assume accountability for data contained in the employee's handbook.
  • Observe infection control procedures.
  • Observe all facility policies and procedures.
  • Perform other related duties as directed by his/her supervisor.
  • Participate in implementation of programs to improve resident care related to Quality Indicators.
  • Must have a current C.N.A. license in this state.
  • Must have a current C.M.A. certification in this state.
  • Must be able to pass an OSBI check.
  • Must be able to be on feet for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift without restrictions
  • Must be able to stoop, bend, squat, etc. without restrictions.
  • High school diploma (desired)
  • Issued by the State
    Continuing Education:
  • As required by state and facility, including seminars.
  • Varies by shift
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