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Title Nursing Home Administrator
Department Administration
Job Description:

The Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting, and physical management of the facility, residents, and equipment in a way that the purpose of the facility shall be established and maintained in accordance with established policies.

  • Operate the facility in accordance to established Policies and Procedure of Governing Body.
  • Act as liaison with the Governing Body, medical and nursing staff, and other professional and supervisory staff, through regular meetings and periodic reporting.
  • Prepare and forward on time proper authorities all reports required by management.
  • Write definite policies regarding duties and activities of the staff, which will assure health care and safety of the residents and others, and explain these policies so that the aim and purpose of the facility may be achieved by cooperative effort.
  • Supervise the recruitment employment, and discharge of all staff. Works with the department head in hiring personnel and assures that there are adequate numbers of staff to meet the needs of the resident on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
  • Write personnel policies and individual duties and see that they are known by all employees, and delegate the authority required for the performance of their jobs to the Department Head.
  • Notify licensing agency of any changes in key personnel.
  • Use diplomacy but firmness in settling any disputes, complaints, etc. concerning personnel, residents or families.
  • Supervise all department heads, including office staff. Supervise by regular rounds and conferences, the work of all responsible personnel. Check with department heads daily.
  • Evaluate the performance of each employee periodically with the Department Head and discuss the evaluation with the employee, when needed.
  • Work with the Department Heads in providing opportunities and material for regular staff meetings and in-service education pertaining to the job.
  • Promote in position as the individual merits it when vacancies or a new position occurs and pay as the individual merits it.
  • Assist the Department Heads in dismissing from employment and person whose work is not satisfactory.
  • Give honest appraisal of an employee's work and behavior to succeeding employers.
  • Instruct the facility staff to furnish information regarding residents only to authorized agencies or authorized people.
  • Work with the facility staff in learning the community agencies that have services that are helpful in carrying out the aims of the home and are available to the residents and plan with theses agencies for the service to the residents.
  • Arrange with appropriate state and legal agencies for guardianship for residents who need it.
  • Work with bookkeeping and purchasing department to disburse money as needed, recording and getting a receipt from each disbursement.
  • Is responsible for Petty Cash Account and all accounts receivable.
  • Work with bookkeeping and purchasing department to provide a safe place for storing physical management records, and personnel records.
  • Work with the facility staff in providing a safe place for storing current and closed resident records.
  • Maintain as much personal contact as possible with the resident and his family or guardian in order to continue good relationships.
  • Ascertain that the necessary food and other supplies needed for the operation of the facility are purchased and on hand.
  • Work with the facility staff in notifying appropriate state and local agencies of transfer, temporary or permanent discharge, or death of any resident receiving Medicaid funds.
  • See that all Accounts Receivable are current and follow up on any delinquent accounts for services.
  • Is responsible for keeping equipment in operating order.
  • Study and keep current with the changes of all regulations.
  • Develop and maintain contact with local individuals and local organizations appropriate to proper public relations.
  • Is an active member of all committees, where applicable, and sets meeting dates and ascertains that copies of the minutes and reports of theses meetings are kept and sent to proper officials.
  • Establish standard operating procedures for physician practices, in coordination with the Nursing Director.
  • Review and evaluate all reports and document the disposition of recommendations and implementation from the facility's committees and consultants.
  • Ensure that any volunteer program is planned and supervised by a designated employee.
  • Must demonstrate requisite knowledge, skills and abilities consistent with the duties and responsibilities of this position
  • Must be knowledgeable in computers (Outlook or Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows XP)
  • Must have ability to complete multiple projects with minimal supervision
  • Must be able to relate positively and favorably to residents, families and government regulators, and to work cooperatively with other associates at all levels
  • Experience in performance management and effective leadership
  • Must maintain regular and punctual attendance
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Bachelor's Degree or appropriate education to meet State licensure requirements.
  • Must be a Licensed Administrator and currently licensed by the State.
    Continuing Education:
  • As required by state and facility, including seminars.
  • Monday - Friday
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